Sexuality and Disability Resource List

This list will forever be a work in progress.  It was originally collated as a resource for sexuality professionals to increase their overall knowledge and awareness about sex and disability.  But I think (hope!) there's something on here for everyone!


sexual respect toolkit training film

(Video) A 30-minute video designed to educate health and social care professionals on multiple topics related to sexuality and disability.

(sex)abled: disability uncensored

(Video) A 15-minute documentary celebrating people with disabilities as sexual beings.

supporting disabled people with their sexual lives: a clear guide for health and social care professionals

(Book) To quote Amazon, "This is a straight-talking guide to supporting disabled people with their sexual lives."  Easy to read.  Highly recommended. By Tuppy Owens.

The MA+ Guide: a guide to more accessible sexuality-related assistive technology

(PDF) A "collection of ideas" about ways to use or adapt sexuality and positioning products for folks of all abilities.  Written by an occupational therapist at the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Western Australia.


DEvelopmental Disability

autistic hoya

(Website) Lydia X.Z. Brown's blog and website.  Incredible resource on autism and disability justice.

sexual self-advocacy

(Website) Green Mountain Self-Advocates.  Supporting people with developmental disabilities to express their sexuality.


spinal cord injury


(Website) Bay Area-based organization committed to empowering people with disabilities to expand sexuality and create loving intimate relationships.  Great trainings related to spinal cord injury specifically.  Hire Rafe or Ligia to teach an online workshop for your organization or for an hour of individual supervision/education around sex and SCI!


chronic illness

chronic sex

(Website) Kirsten Schultz's website dedicated to being a safe place to discuss sexuality and chronic illness.

but you don't look sick

(Website) Great resource on chronic illness by the woman who created "The Spoon Theory."



Jo-Ellen Notte: sex, mental health, and how none of us are broken

(Website) The go-to person/resource on sexuality and depression.  Keep an eye out for her upcoming book!  (Or donate to her to help make it happen!)




striving for allyship

disability etiquette: tips on interacting with people with disabilities

(PDF) If I'm walking with a person with a guide dog, which side do I walk on?  What's the difference between person-first language and identity-first language and when do I use which?  A 36-page PDF guide presenting appropriate language and behaviors for interacting respectfully with people with disabilities.

what does it mean to be an ally?

(Website) Definitions, roles, responsibilities and resources on striving for allyship.

i'm not your inspiration, thank you very much

(Video) Stella Young breaks down the cultural habit of viewing people with disabilities as "inspiration porn" in this 9-minute TED talk.  Spoiler alert: don't do it.



social media accessibility guide

(Website) A quick guide to general accessibility principles for social media.

accessible social media

(Website) Breaks down best practices for each social media platform.

accessible tech webinar

(Pre-recorded webinar) How to make your videos accessible.  Presented by Minnesota IT Services.

tips for making print more readable

(Website) Want to improve the readability of your website, business cards, intake forms and handouts?  Here's how!

disability language style-guide

(Website) Unsure how to talk most respectfully about disability in your writing or classes?  This guide presents "the appropriate and accurate language to use when talking about people living with disabilities."

universal design



disability after dark

(Podcast) "The premier podcast on sexuality and disability" with Andrew Gurza.  Available on iTunes.

cast from the earth

(Book) OMG, read this book.  A queer, polyamorous love story featuring multiple disabled characters.  Oh yeah, and a zombie apocalypse.  By Leandra Vane.

desires reborn

(Book) Erotica featuring characters with disabilities.  By Penny Pepper.

sins invalid

(Website) "Sins Invalid is a performance project on disability and sexuality that incubates and celebrates artists with disabilities, centralizing artists of color and queer and gender-variant artists as communities who have been historically marginalized from social discourse."  If you're in the Bay Area, come to their annual live performance.  They also do facebook live chats on sex and disability, offer trainings, published a disability justice primer, and have video clips from their performances on their website.  Oh, and check out The Chili Story!

disability visibility project

(Podcast) Not explicitly about disability and sexuality, but Alice Wong is a badass disability justice advocate that you should be following.  Check out the episode on "Labor, Care Work, and Disabled Queer Femmes"! Available on iTunes.