Why "Sexuality in Transition"?


While I have a handful of particular passions in my work, it struck me one day that one theme ran through them all—transition.  I am particularly curious about exploring the intersection between sexuality and life transitions of all kinds.  And not just how life change impacts our sexual identity and expression, but also how we can connect with our sexuality in times of transition as a source of strength, resilience, and wisdom to guide us through change.

We live a lifetime in our bodies, and our bodies change over that lifetime.  Change can be gradual or abrupt, but either way we find ourselves in a new body.  Aging, illness, injury, surgery, pelvic pain, gender transition, grief, loss.  These changes impact us physically, emotionally, and spiritually, touching all aspects of our lives.  But too often the impacts of these events on our sexuality are overlooked: ignored by doctors, responded to uncomfortably by partners (who may also be struggling with these transitions themselves), inadequately witnessed or understood by well intentioned, loving friends.

It is my passion to have those conversations that others avoid, to hold space for the emotional as well as the physical reality of life’s transitions on our sexual expression, to support you in exploring your new body, and to discover the richness of its erotic capacity.  To integrate, to evolve, and to thrive.

Change happens.  Transition happens.  When we consciously engage change, we create an opportunity to transform.  And whether or not a major (or minor) life transition inspired you to embark on this journey to embrace your sexuality fully, once you are on the path, your sexuality is indeed in transition.  You are on your way to a new way of being, to accessing your most authentic and joyful sexual self.  It is, truly, my honor and delight to support you in this.

I’m ready when you are.

With joy and gratitude,                                                                                            Shauna


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