How I Work

Venn diagram with three overlapping circles

Somatic learning requires conscious practice...

...over time, so I work with clients over a series of sessions to accomplish their learning goals.  In our first session we go over a detailed intake as well as discussing your goals in detail.  Together we come up with a strategy for moving forward.  Our work is always collaborative and my practice is client-centered.  I create a safe container in which you can explore, learn, stretch and grow.  I offer tools that may serve you in your goals and facilitate opportunities in service to your learning.  I support you in stepping into your full empowerment and directing your learning.  So you can direct your (sex) life.


My sessions are informed by my studies in sex education, massage therapy, myofascial release, somatics, and trauma studies.  I also strongly believe that emotional expression is imperative to transformation.  I integrate principles of Re-evaluation Counseling, bioenergetics, and somatic coaching into my work, creating a safe space for the emotional discharge that often accompanies somatic changes.  As I say in my Somatic Sex Education Manifesto, all of you is welcome in our sessions.


I’m also a firm believer in the power of the witness in learning and transformation.  I simply don’t believe that humans were meant to learn and grow in isolation.  This is why I often incorporate group elements into my programs.  When we share the insights, challenges, and joys we discover on our individual learning journey with a safe, committed group of peers, we are able to more fully integrate our learning into our bodies and our lives.  We inspire and are inspired.  We see that our challenges and our pleasures are shared human experiences thus contradicting the illusion of isolation or that “something is wrong with us.”  In one-on-one work, being the witness is perhaps my most important job.  Tracking the arc of your growth over time, celebrating your accomplishments, being present to your pain, hearing your stories, holding the image of your highest self for you on the days you forget who you are and who you want to be.  No one should have to aspire to a new way of being on their own.  I’m honored to be a witness to your process.