You are a worthy partner.

Often the first step to sexcessibility is just talking about it.  But for many, that's easier said than done.  I offer coaching to support you in:

  • Talking to your medical providers about sexual impacts of surgeries, medications, catheters, etc.
  • Negotiating privacy issues with caregivers to allow time for masturbation or partner sex
  • Discussing and problem-solving continence issues with sexual partners
  • Improving sexual communication with partners so you can more clearly and confidently express your sexual desires--and ask to hear theirs!

Masturbation is good for you!  I support you in expanding or establishing your self-pleasure practice by:

  • Finding new ways to masturbate post injury or diagnosis
  • Education on how to use sex toys
  • Facilitated masturbation and pleasure mapping
  • Introducing breath, visualization, and fantasy techniques to increase arousal and pleasure without creating pain

And then there were two.  Or three or...I support partners in:

  • Strategizing location modifications to make sex easier and more comfortable
  • Identifying the sexual positions that make sex most comfortable and pleasurable for you
  • Using sex toys to increase pleasure and decrease pain and strain
  • Pleasure education: learning new ways to touch each other for maximum pleasure
  • Facilitated sex for couples in which both partners have disabilities

You're sexy.  If you don't know or believe that yet, I support you in:

  • Resolving body image concerns and learning to love your body
  • Discovering, claiming, and expressing your sexual identity through clothing, customizing mobility aids, and connecting with relevant sexual lifestyle communities
  • Identifying and resolving barriers to dating