What I Do

Below are a handful of my greatest passions in my work.  But I'm a very passionate woman, so if you feel called to work with me and you don't see yourself represented below, please do still reach out.  I'll be delighted to discuss your concern and discern together if I can support you in your learning goals.

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Sexuality and Disability

Sexual expression is a right for EVERY body, and I support clients of all abilities and health statuses in embodying their fullest sexual expression.

I also provide education, consulting, and coaching for caregivers and service providers to assist them in recognizing and supporting the sexuality of their loved ones, clients, and patients as well as providing education and mentoring for somatic sex educators to make their practice more accessible.

X-ray of pelvis infused with a red glow
  • Pain during or after sex
  • Vulvodinia
  • Vaginismus
  • Interstitial Cystitis
  • Endometriosis
  • Pain after childbirth
  • Pain after prostate surgery
  • Genital and abdominal scars

Pelvic Pain and Pelvic release

Pelvic pain conditions affect people of all genders.  My approach to pelvic pain combines myofascial release-based bodywork with somatic practices that allow the time, space and safety that is necessary for the body to share its story and finally let go of the pain.  Pelvic pain is often--though certainly not always--influenced by trauma, sexual shame or repression, and chronic stress.  If we address the physiology only, without allowing the underlying influences to be acknowledged, felt, and released as well, the body often returns to its chronic holding patterns and pain.  Somatic sex education engages your body, mind, and spirit to not just move beyond pain but to move into pleasure and your most joyful sexual self!

"Transgender Triangle", by  Jidanni  is licensed under  CC BY-SA 3.0

pleasure and practicality: post-op integration for trans folx

Combining scar tissue remediation, trauma release practices (to discharge the trauma of surgery and anesthesia on the body), pleasure mapping and the miracle of neuroplasticity to discover, increase and integrate erotic capacity post surgery.

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providing for the provider: erotic support for sex workers

You create incredible erotic experiences for your clients.  Frankly, you blow their minds.  But what about you?  Who nurtures your erotic flame?  Who provides for the provider?

Supporting the embodiment, eroticism, and joy of sex workers through one-on-one coaching and sex-worker only events.

"8 Months In," collage by Shauna, 2016

"8 Months In," collage by Shauna, 2016

I'd rather masturbate than meditate: Erotic embodiment practice

What if changing the way you masturbated could change your life?

What if mindfully engaging in self-pleasure could not only liberate you from shame, improve your partner sex life, and increase your capacity to feel pleasure both in and out of the bedroom but also reduced stress, combated depression, and helped you reach your goals in life?

There's only one way to find out.  Curious?  Learn more here.

Electromagnetic image of a nerve cell in connection with other nerve cells

Tension and trauma release exercises (TRE®)

Find relief from the chronic stress and tension of modern urban life or discharge the lingering physical, emotional and relational impacts of traumatic experiences with this simple to learn technique.  Once mastered TRE® can be practiced on your own as part of your on-going self-care practice to maintain nervous system health, making it a practical and affordable tool for healing and wellness.