Upcoming Classes and Events

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introductory TRE® workshop

Class size is limited to 10 people and will be held at herchurch, 678 Portola Drive in San Francisco.  Ample parking is available.  Pre-registration is required.  Click HERE to reserve your place in the class.

$25 herchurch members, $35 general public

Thursday, april 5, 2018 7-9pm

 Image courtesy of www.traumaprevention.com

Image courtesy of www.traumaprevention.com

Low-Cost/Sliding Scale TRE® Small Group Intro classes

In an effort to make TRE® available to as many folx as possible, I'm offering a montly reduced cost intro class at my downtown SF office.  Each class will have a maximum of 3 students, allowing for individualized attention at an affordable, sliding scale group rate.  Click HERE to reserve your spot on any available, upcoming Saturday!

582 Market St, Suite 902, $50-95 sliding scale

first Saturday of every month, 4 - 6PM

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Available for online viewing!

making sex education "sexcessible" to every Body: An introduction to sexuality and disability

Missed the live webinar on December 3, 2017?  This two-hour workshop introducing basic concepts related to sexuality and disability and offering simple strategies that you can implement immediately to make your practice more “sexcessible” to EVERY body is available now for rent!  $25 for ACSB members and SFSI alumni, $35 for the general public.  Email me at farabaugh.shauna@gmail.com for access to the recording.