It's not so much what you say, but how you say it.

Talking about sex isn't easy for most of us.  Medical providers, service providers and caregivers are no exception.  (And when caregivers are family members, saying it isn't easy is an understatement!) And though it's true that it's hard for most of us to talk about sex, the desire to know ourselves sexually, to express ourselves sexually, and to share intimacy and connection with others is true for most of us, too.  I offer in person or online coaching to make those conversations easier to have.  I also offer staff training for medical practices and disability service organizations, as well as comprehensive sexuality education classes for the people supported by disability service organizations.

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Sexual Health competency training for your staff

When it comes to talking about sexuality, people with disabilities are often left out of the conversation.  The truth is all humans are sexual beings who need access to accurate information, resources, and skills to enable them to make healthy decisions about sexuality and relationships.  Many disability service organizations are aware of this gap in services, but don’t have the knowledge or skills to feel comfortable and confident implementing programming, supporting the people they serve, or being sensitive to the wide-range of values held by various organizational staff members.

My Sexual Health Competency workshop is a 3-6 hour in-person training designed to address those needs.  It’s not just important for all client-facing staff to be equipped to address sexuality questions should they come up.  Successful sexuality programming requires that all organizational staff be “on the same page” regarding the how and the why of sexuality education to facilitate safe and effective communication within the organization and among staff as well.

[Shauna is] really a master of her craft and made me feel much more comfortable dealing with these topics in my work and even in my personal life, too.
— Sexual Health Competency Training participant
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Comprehensive sexuality education for your clients

Whether you need a 2 hour workshop for your patients in a breast cancer support group or a 12 week series for the folks with developmental disabilities whom you support, I'm happy to design the perfect curriculum to meet your needs.  Contact me today to get started.

Once again, your training was very successful! We asked the individual groups how it went. The men were especially vocal about their comfort level with the training topics. The women also stated they enjoyed the training and felt comfortable. We expected this of the women because [you are] a woman and our women tend to be more open and comfortable about discussing this topic, however our men struggle so to hear that they really felt comfortable is wonderful!...Thank you for having a great approach with our folks. I wish I could be in the training to witness it, but the feedback is very telling.”
— Jordane Tofighi, Development Director at the Adaptive Learning Center in Concord, CA

Special topic trainings for professionals and staff

While the sexual health competency training addresses how to appropriately address sexuality in general, sometimes you need support on one specific topic in particular.  Possible topics include:

  • Understanding the gender galaxy and making your agency gender inclusive and affirming

  • Understanding the physiology of trauma and recognizing trauma-responses in your clients

  • Porn literacy

Or we can design a Q&A style session on a sexual health topic of interest or concern to your staff to get everyone up to date on all the facts.  We work together to assess your needs and design just the right training for your specific situation.

Shauna has a way of making you feel comfortable and safe in sharing thoughts and opinions.
— Sexual Health Competency training participant