Inclusive Erotica for All of Us

“People with disabilities are often left out of conversations about sex as well as sexy time resources. But like in all areas of life, it’s important for people with disabilities to see themselves represented with sexual agency in erotic works of art, including film, literature, art, theater and photography.”

It’s important for all of us to see representations of ourselves in all kinds of media, and it’s important for all of us to see all kinds of bodies, desires, and sexual expressions in media. Inclusive erotica, inclusive sexuality education, accessible sex…these things make sex better for all of us.

So whether you identify as a person with a disability or as non-disabled, check out the incredible writers, artists, and performers on The Mighty’s list of Inclusive Erotica Featuring People With Disabilities You Can Read, Watch and Enjoy. This list is going to keep me busy for awhile!

Is Mindful Masturbation Going Mainstream??

Imagine my surprise and delight to discover an article about Mindful Masturbation on InStyle online! Granted they refer to it as the “witchy-lite cousin” of sex magic, which is an interesting perspective, but how exciting to see the concept out there in the wide world!

Click HERE to read the article.

And click HERE or HERE to read my previous blog posts on the why and the how of Mindful Masturbation (or what I call Erotic Embodiment Practice).

What a "Bad Brain Day" Feels Like from the Inside

I started Ketamine Infusion Therapy for what I call a brain disorder (the doctors call it depression) in January 2018. I’ve wanted to share a lot of that experience here and thought that I’d at some point get all my writing edited and publish it in chronological order. Sooooo, that hasn’t happened, and this is not the beginning of the story. But I grew tired of waiting for myself, so today I’m sharing this bit of the tale that I’ve deemed to be edited “well enough.”

This piece says a lot about the nature of recovery (uh, not linear), the way those of us with brain illness learn to track “how we’re doing” since our brain isn’t always a reliable source of intel, and what a “bad brain day” feels like from the inside. I hope it will resonate with anyone on a recovery journey or living with health challenges, and that it will provide insight to those for whom that’s not your story.

Be well, loves. <3

Just Published! "Pelvic Pain Clinic"

I am so excited to announce the publication of Pelvic Pain Clinic, a book addressing pelvic pain from a somatic sex education perspective, co-authored by myself and my beloved teacher, colleague and friend, Caffyn Jesse.

What I think is most unique about the book—and our approach—is the way we put pleasure at the center of every aspect of the conversation.  How can pleasure be harnessed to support healing?  How can we stay connected to pleasure during recovery?   How can we access pleasure when pain is our constant companion?

In addition, we address often unacknowledged aspects of pelvic pain: the particular challenges faced by gender non-conforming and non-binary folx in finding support; the role trauma often plays in pelvic pain conditions; and the impacts on sexual identity and expression that can linger beyond the resolution of pelvic pain.

The book is appropriate for both those experiencing pelvic pain and the professionals who serve them.

I’m honored to be sharing this fresh perspective on pelvic pain with the world!  And I’d love to hear what you think when you read the book.  Shoot me an email at

Click HERE to purchase your copy of Pelvic Pain Clinic

I'd Rather Masturbate Than Meditate: What is Erotic Embodiment Practice? Part 2

Better late than never! Finally posting Part 2 of the Erotic Embodiment series. In this post, we explore the HOW of Erotic Embodiment Practice, covering all the elements you need to know to create your own practice and start deepening your embodiment, experiencing more pleasure, and connecting to your vitality today! EnJoy!