What the organizations with whom I’ve partnered have to say about our work together...

Having Shauna Farabaugh involved with our agency has been an absolute pleasure. Ms. Farabaugh educated our staff on how to ensure the people we serve are shown the dignity and respect all people deserve regarding their own sexuality. She also helped some of our program participants with developmental disabilities better understand their own rights, desires, and limitations in regards to their sexuality.

Ms. Farabaugh was flexible to our needs in terms of scheduling and training a diverse group of people. She took time to learn what our specialized needs were and she was able to tailor three unique trainings for our different groups. All of them were helpful and informative. Ms. Farabaugh also has a welcoming presence and a certain grace while discussing topics that make many people uncomfortable. If your group has the need for training around sexuality Las Trampas highly recommends contacting Ms. Farabaugh to see how she can meet your needs.
— Joe Cashel, Director of Residential Services at Las Trampas Inc. in Lafayette, CA

Shauna Farabaugh is a fantastic presenter. From the very beginning, Shauna helped me walk through the stages of planning for our older adults. The presentation she offered was met with such great warmth, and participants were hopeful to have her back for other topics. I’m glad I decided to work with Shauna to plan the Sex Education for Older Adults presentation. It’s really great to know that there are skilled and experienced professionals who aren’t afraid of talking about important topics. I would love to have her back to speak again!
— Alyssa Santos, Active Aging Center Manager at Whistlestop in San Rafael, CA

I’ve worked with Shauna for about a year and she is absolutely wonderful to partner with!

Shauna took on a large anti-harassment training effort for my organization’s very large and complex internship program. Developing the training for our interns was no easy task but Shauna was a true professional in taking on the work. She asked the right questions - not only the logistical who/what/where - but thoughtful questions that allowed her to ensure the training closely resonated with the interns’ experiences. Our first training didn’t land as we wanted, but Shauna was gracious in taking the feedback constructively and collaborating with me to build an improved session. The resulting training has been a strongly positive experience for the interns - I most often hear the interns describe themselves feeling “informed,” and “empowered” after the session.

Shauna is a uniquely talented trainer in the care she takes to build a space of trust in the training. The result is that interns feel comfortable with asking difficult and sensitive questions, which enriches and deepens their learning experience. Through Shauna’s training they gain a sense of cohesion, community, shared learning, and shared accountability. I’ve heard that they enjoy the training immensely but enjoy Shauna’s teaching, facilitation style, and personality just as much (if not more). Her ability to read a group, cultivate space for the interns to step out of their comfort zones and really dive into the subject to learn is truly impressive!

Other than her great training style, Shauna is very easy to work with. She listened carefully as I described the parameters and context of our internship programming and weaved that into her training. She is responsive on email and is flexible with scheduling in the short or long term. Due to the nature of our work I sometimes have to reschedule a training at the last minute, and Shauna has been very gracious and flexible.

I feel so lucky to have found Shauna. She is respectful, courteous, thoughtful, and a delight to work with. She has been instrumental in deepening our interns’ understanding around consent and harassment and is truly making a positive impact in the world with her work. I strongly recommend her!
— Elizabeth Lindner