when it comes to talking about sexuality...

People with disabilities are often left out of the conversation.  The truth is all humans are sexual beings who need access to accurate information, resources, and skills to enable them to make healthy decisions about sexuality and relationships.  Many disability service organizations and medical providers are aware of this gap in services, but don’t have the knowledge or skills to feel comfortable and confident implementing programming, supporting clients, or being sensitive to the wide-range of values held by various organizational staff members.

“An Introduction to Sexual Health Competency” is a 3-6 hour in-person training designed to address those needs.  It’s not just important for all client-facing staff to be equipped to address sexuality questions should they come up.  Successful sexuality programming requires that all organizational staff be “on the same page” regarding the how and the why of sexuality education to facilitate safe and effective communication within the organization regarding programming.

The course addresses:

  • What is sexuality and sexual self-advocacy, and why is it important for disability service organizations to address these issues?

  • What messages did we receive about sex and sexuality growing up and how does that impact our ability to talk about the topic with clients or among staff?

  • What are our own values around sexuality and how do they impact our ability to discuss this sensitive topic?

  • How do we overcome barriers to effective communication regarding sexual health?

The course also includes:

  • Tools and strategies for addressing clients' questions about sexuality with confidence and competence

  • Tools and strategies for addressing sexual behaviors or situations of concern with confidence and competence

At the conclusion of the course, participants will not only understand the why and how of sexuality education but will also have the skills and comfort to address sexuality related questions or concerns from clients with confidence and safety.

Cost: Contact Shauna for pricing information.  For every training booked, I offer a free hour of consultation via phone prior to the training so you can share particular areas of concern, allowing me to tailor the training to your organization's specific needs.

Ready to schedule your training?  Or still have questions about if this training is right for your staff or organization?  Contact Shauna now to find out!

Thank you so much for another really great training! I could have sat through another hour because you have the ability to make such a tricky topic so fun and engaging. Now we understand why the clients are such fans!
— Jordane Tofighi, Development Director at the Adaptive Learning Center in Concord, CA
Shauna is very relatable, and she had new ideas on how to approach issues.
— Sexual Health Competency Training participant