The "Sexcessible" Practice

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The "Sexcessible" practice: sex and disability for somatic sex educators

A 5 week online course beginning Thursday, January 17, 2019


Course Format: online and in your local community


Course Objectives: To prepare somatic sex educators—skillfully, emotionally, and culturally—to support the learning goals of clients with disabilities or chronic conditions with confidence, professionalism, and respect.


Prerequisite: Completion of Core Course #3 (for students of the Institute for the Study of Somatic Sexology) or certification in sexological bodywork (from any of the international certification programs).  For other sexuality professionals, contact Shauna to assess eligibility.


Course Details: Course participants will attend online class meetings; post assignments responding to required readings, videos and podcasts in the class’ online forum; attend a disability-related event in their community (or online); and complete a brief research project (see more information below) in their community.  Topics to be covered include:

·      Historic perspectives on sexuality and disability

·      Current perspectives on sexuality and disability

·      Disability etiquette and disability justice

·      OT for SSE: making our tools accessible

·      Sexuality considerations unique to folx with disabilities or chronic conditions

·      Disability and consent

·      Accessibility for the practical aspects of your practice


Course Investment:

Time: This course requires 7.5 hours “in class” (online); 6 hours media viewing/listening; 4 hours reading; 2 hours attending a local or online event; 3-10 hours research project.  (Times are approximate depending on individual reading speed, events and projects chosen, etc.)

Financial: $450 until December 15, 2018. $500 after December 15, 2018.


Course Textbooks: (must be purchased separately)

Tuppy Owens, Supporting Disabled People with their Sexual Lives: A Clear Guide for Health and Social Care Professionals

Sins Invalid, Skin, Tooth and Bone--The Basis of Our Movement in Our People: A Disability Justice Primer


Course Dates: Thursday, January 17-Thursday, February 21, 2019.  Online class video calls will be held each Thursday from 11am-12:30pmPST (no call on February 14).

For more information or to register, email Shauna at


About the Research Project:  Students will meet with Shauna (online) by February 7, 2019 to determine and get approval for a brief research project of their choice.  Examples of possible projects include: working with a client with a disability for 1-3 sessions; conducting a needs assessment regarding sexual health and education with the clients of a local disability service organization; conducting a needs assessment for local medical providers or disability service providers regarding their ability to address the sexual needs of their patients/clients with disabilities; researching a particular disability or chronic condition to create a resource for colleagues on “what they need to know” and best practices.  Projects can be completed in a variety of ways to accommodate a wide-range of learning and communication styles including: a written paper or report; a verbal recording of a report; a video report; creation of a written or media-based resource for colleagues and clients; etc.

Shauna is awesome! I feel her energy is amazing, and her honesty and ability to hold space is incredible. I appreciate all that she shared and all that she offered to us through the program! I think that anyone in the SSE/CSB work would definitely benefit from this program, and I completely have and look forward to further integrating this resource into my work and practice!
— Malyrah Landvatter,