Penny Pepper in The Debrief (UK): "I'm Too Sexy For My Chair."

I discovered Penny Pepper's writing early in my disability and sexuality research and studies obsession.  She published "Desires Reborn," a collection of fictional short stories exploring the sexual lives and experiences of people with disabilities, in 2012.  Ironically, in the article in which I discovered Penny's book, the author mis-named the book, "Desires Unborn," which I found an unacceptable and ironic mistake; in an article supposedly challenging the cultural misconception that folks with disabilities are not sexual beings, the journalist suggests that the desires of folks with disabilities remain "unborn."  This misquote made me angry, but reflected how ingrained these fucked up ideas are culturally, and deepened my commitment to challenging and dismantling them.  In this Debrief article, published in September of this year, Penny Pepper frankly and humorously shares "the reality of sex as a disabled woman."  Check out the full article by clicking here, and download your copy of Desires Reborn here.