Just Published! "Pelvic Pain Clinic"

I am so excited to announce the publication of Pelvic Pain Clinic, a book addressing pelvic pain from a somatic sex education perspective, co-authored by myself and my beloved teacher, colleague and friend, Caffyn Jesse.

What I think is most unique about the book—and our approach—is the way we put pleasure at the center of every aspect of the conversation.  How can pleasure be harnessed to support healing?  How can we stay connected to pleasure during recovery?   How can we access pleasure when pain is our constant companion?

In addition, we address often unacknowledged aspects of pelvic pain: the particular challenges faced by gender non-conforming and non-binary folx in finding support; the role trauma often plays in pelvic pain conditions; and the impacts on sexual identity and expression that can linger beyond the resolution of pelvic pain.

The book is appropriate for both those experiencing pelvic pain and the professionals who serve them.

I’m honored to be sharing this fresh perspective on pelvic pain with the world!  And I’d love to hear what you think when you read the book.  Shoot me an email at farabaugh.shauna@gmail.com.

Click HERE to purchase your copy of Pelvic Pain Clinic