My Life is in Oprah Magazine!

Ok, not my whole life, just my professional life.  Well, and not my life exactly…but it got you to check out this post, didn’t it?  Sneaky of me…let me explain.


This month’s issue of the magazine contains an article that references TRE® and an article referencing somatic sex education.  What the hell?  What are the chances??


 In the article, “Shifting Tides” on page 82, life coach Martha Beck shares the transcript of a session in which she is supporting Sara Cress, a survivor of 2017’s Hurricane Harvey who has been plagued by anxiety, insomnia, flashbacks and overeating and drinking since the day of the storm.  Martha had recommended TRE to Sara in their previous session, and Sara reports back about her first experience with shaking.  “‘At first it was awkward, but after a few minutes it felt more natural…I did feel better afterward, though.’”


I’ll confess that I don’t regularly read O, the Oprah Magazine, but I picked up the issue after an email from TRE® International alerted TRE providers about the article I just referenced.  I wanted to see exactly what had been written before I sent an email to the publisher to thank them for sharing information about TRE with their readers.


So, can you imagine my surprise when I decided to flip through the rest of the magazine this morning while savoring my coffee and discovered Jill Hamilton’s article, “Sex for One: How to take your solo game to the next level,” in which she talks about somatic sex educators who “help women get comfortable with experiencing pleasure”?!?  My favorite part?  The last paragraph of her article is subtitled, “Hire some help.”  “Would you welcome a little extra guidance, or the encouraging touch of a pro?” she writes, and then goes on to reference the Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers practitioner directory.  O.M.G. Yes!  (Pun not intended, but she also references, which is a phenomenal resource that I highly recommend as well.)  Yes to normalizing the idea of paying qualified professionals for sexuality support.  Yes to letting the world know that this kind of support exists.  And a big hell yes to prioritizing pleasure—at all ages, in all bodies, for everyone.


As a certified somatic sex educator and Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE®) provider, I have the great honor and privilege of sharing two truly transformational, life-enhancing modalities with clients every day.  They also both happen to be modalities that are new enough to the world that they’re still fairly unknown.  (SSE was '“born” in 2003, and TRE not much earlier than that.). Practically speaking, this is, shall we say, very frustrating for me.  So for both of these incredible tools to be given a shout-out in a single issue of Oprah Magazine feels like a true cause for celebration (and those of you who know me and my work know that I’m a HUGE advocate for and fan of celebration in any and all forms).


So what’s next, O?  Want to interview me about how I use both TRE and regular orgasm to eliminate the lingering symptoms of depression that my treatments and meds didn’t quite get rid of?   After all, I did see an ad on page 73 for a drug designed to address the fact that “2 out of 3 people on an antidepressant may still have unresolved depression symptoms.”  My TRE and orgasm protocol doesn’t have any side-effects.  Just saying.


Interview or no interview, let’s keep getting the word out there about somatic sex education and TRE.  Because we really are making the world a safer, more joyful place, one orgasm and one 15-minute “shake” at a time.