My Story

What a "Bad Brain Day" Feels Like from the Inside

I started Ketamine Infusion Therapy for what I call a brain disorder (the doctors call it depression) in January 2018. I’ve wanted to share a lot of that experience here and thought that I’d at some point get all my writing edited and publish it in chronological order. Sooooo, that hasn’t happened, and this is not the beginning of the story. But I grew tired of waiting for myself, so today I’m sharing this bit of the tale that I’ve deemed to be edited “well enough.”

This piece says a lot about the nature of recovery (uh, not linear), the way those of us with brain illness learn to track “how we’re doing” since our brain isn’t always a reliable source of intel, and what a “bad brain day” feels like from the inside. I hope it will resonate with anyone on a recovery journey or living with health challenges, and that it will provide insight to those for whom that’s not your story.

Be well, loves. <3